Dead Line for Application is The First Sunday of Every Year


Primary Award Criteria

  1. Academic achievement, including grades, rank in class, standardized test scores and achievement scores.
  2. Community and extracurricular involvement. 
  3. Demonstrated leadership, awards and recognition. 
  4. 1,000-word essay on a topic chosen by the election committee. 
  5. Recommendations.

Eligible Applicants

  1. Residents of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. 
  2. High school students. 
  3. Students of color:  African American, Asian, Latino, Native American. 
  4. Students majoring in Accounting, Law, Political or Urban Studies, Work in Public Management, and Business Administration. 
  5. Demonstrated financial need. 

Award Restrictions

  1. Nonrenewable. 
  2. Restricted to students majoring in the public service areas listed above. 
  3. Four-year-degree seeking students. 
  4. Full-time attendance at a college or university. 

Monies provided by such funds as the Senator Chuck Allen III Scholarship provide one of the most pressing needs in higher education today for students of color applying for admittance to college.  Scholarships for students to attend higher education allow deserving students to attain their educational goals, meet professional objectives, succeed to their fullest ability and give back to the next generation.

For Application Materials please contact:

Senator Chuck Allen III Scholarship

204 West 134th Street

New York, NY 10030