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About St. Philip's Federal Credit Union

St. Philips Church Federal Credit Union in New York is a religious, other than those designated low-income associational credit union. Credit Union members can access services, including savings accounts and loans, along with many other credit union benefits at the closest branch location. Make the switch today! 

Open since 1951 St. Philips Church CU, located in New York City, New York, has 2 part-time employees to assist members. The credit union has more than 400 members and assets of $1.6 Million. Contact St.Philips Church at (212) 862-4940 during business hours.

Meet Our 2018 SCAIII Scholars

Jasmine Bostick

Going away to SUNY Oswego University

Morsal of Bread Education Rescue Mission

Akoko Archdeaconry Christian Development Program (CBO)

The Young Kenyan Women Pursuing Their Educational Endeavors  


Scholarship Sponsored By

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Williams

A very welcoming Thank You from The St. Philips Church and The Chuck Allen Family for the sponsored you gave us to donate to this very talented and appreciative young adults. 

The Senator Chuck Allen III, Scholarship

Established in 2008 in memory of the public service and parish activism  of Chuck Allen. He served faithfully the New Haven, Connecticut and Harlem,  New York political and neighborhood communities and parishes.  The fund will distribute monies to high school seniors of color who have a  proven record during their formative years of leadership and community  activism; financial need; and desire to study accounting, law, political or  urban studies or work in public management. Students will be required to  write a 1,000 word topic essay chosen by the selection committee. Once  scholarships are to be dispensed an application will be available by contacting  the St. Philip's Federal Credit Union located at 204 W. 134th street, New  York, NY.

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Chuck Allen Scholarship

300 W. 135th St. 9b, New York, NY 10030, US

(917) 662-7340